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Entries by Wilma E. Mosley Clopton, Ph.D.

Wilma E. Mosley Clopton, Ph.D.

Wilma E. Mosley Clopton, Ph.D. is an award-winning video historian and filmmaker who serves as president of NMHS Unlimited Film Productions, a Jackson, Mississippi-based nonprofit organization with the mission of telling the untold stories of people of African descent in Mississippi and the significant contributions that they made. While the company focuses on creating educational materials to teach the diverse stories of American history, Dr. Clopton believes that by embracing the latest technologies and innovations in filmmaking, we can better bring to life pivotal moments from history while also highlighting their relevance in the issues of today.

Dr. Clopton is a writer, producer, director, author, speaker, world traveler, wife, mother, grandmother, Mississippi native, and only daughter of the late Drs. Jessie Bryant and Charles C. Mosley.